Filmmaker Screenings

Kingdomwood International Film Festival
Thursday October 3rd - red carpet screenings


Red Carpet Screening

“Freshman Year”

Starring Actors: Diallo Thompson, Key
Cast: Greg Allen Williams, Benjamin

Directed by Jude Okwudiafor Johnson

Moye Hall

Red Carpet Screening

“Max Winslow and the House of Secrets”

Starring: Chad Michael Murray (“Riverdale”, “One Tree Hill”), Marina Sirtis (“The Orville”, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”), Sydne Mikelle (“The Thinning”), Tanner Buchannan.


Friday October 4th - Film screenings / screening rm#1

815am The Visit: Preparing for Pope Francis ─ 0:52:00 mins KIFF Screening Rm #1
930am The One Who Holds Sovereignty ─ 1:27:00 mins KIFF Screening Rm #1
11am A Brave Hope ─ 1:18:00 mins KIFF Screening Rm #1
1230pm The Reliant ─ 1:57 mins KIFF Screening Rm #1
245pm Short Films   ─ 70 mins (total)

See the Lights 0:23:00

Our Father 0:10:00

A Blood Throne ─ 0:38:00 mins

KIFF Screening Rm #1
315pm Hav Faith ─ 1:50:00 mins KIFF Screening Rm #1

Friday October 4th - Film screenings / Theater rm#2

830am A Brand-New Kitchen   ─ 1:30:00 mins KIFF Theater Rm #2
115pm Kandace Queen ─   0:38:00 mins KIFF Theater Rm #2
145pm Sisters and the Shrink ─ 1:20:00 mins KIFF Theater Rm #2
315pm Free Slave ─ 1:50:00 mins KIFF Theater Rm #2
Prayer Break
515pm Alan and the Fullness of Time – 1:22:00 mins KIFF Theater Rm #2

Friday October 4th - Film screenings / screening rm#3

10am The Tribunal ─ 01:54:00 mins KIFF Screening Rm #3
12pm The Blend ─ 44:48 mins KIFF Screening Rm #3
2pm A Lot Like Christmas ─ 01:45:42 mins KIFF Screening Rm #3

Saturday October 5th - film screenings / Screening rm #1

815amBOZKIR look at Birds ─ 01:51:10KIFF Screening Rm#1
1030amBelly of the Whale ─ 01:19:07KIFF Screening Rm#1
12pmState of Soul ─ 01:00:00KIFF Screening Rm#1

Short Films ─ 90 mins

Heaven’s Reward 19:19

Raising Sons 29:13

The Vision 37:34

Dinosaur Heart 30:00

KIFF Screening Rm#1
330pmRescued ─ 01:39:00KIFF Screening Rm#1

Saturday October 5th - film screenings / theater rm #2

830amAmerican Family Revival ─ 53:00KIFF Theater Rm#2
945amMiracle from the Killing Fields ─ 50:58KIFF Theater Rm#2
11amWhere is my Home ─ 01:39:41KIFF Theater Rm#2
1245pmDaring to be Different ─ 24:22KIFF Theater Rm#2
115pmFree Weekend ─ 01:20:07KIFF Theater Rm#2
230pmGaining Freedom ─ 16:58KIFF Theater Rm#2
3:00 pmHeavenly Deposit ─ 01:42:00KIFF Theater Rm#2

Saturday October 5th - film screenings / screening rm #3

12pmExecution Island ─ 13:06 minsKIFF Screening Rm#3
1pmPlease Darling, Don’t Die Before Me ─ 36:00 minsKIFF Screening Rm#3
3pmDefiant ─ 1:37:00 minsKIFF Screening Rm#3

**Times Subject to Change**